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Chapter 1

Creation of heaven and earth (1:1-2)
First Day Creation of the light (1:3-5)
Second Day Creation of the firmament (1:6-8)
Third Day The earth separated from the waters (1:9-13)
Fourth Day Creation of the sun, moon and stars (1:14-19)
Fifth Day Creation of fish, fowl, beasts and cattle (1:20-23)
Sixth Day Creation of Animal Life Of Earth (1:24-25)
Sixth Day Creation of man in the image of God (1:26-28)
Sixth Day Provision for food (1:29-31)

Chapter 2

The First Sabbath (2:1-3)
The manner of the creation (2:4-7)
The garden of Eden, and the river thereof (2:8-16)
The tree of knowledge (2:17-18)
Naming the creatures (2:19-20)
The making of woman and the institution of marriage (2:21-25)

Chapter 3

The serpent's deception and man's shameful fall (3:1-8)
God calls Adam and Eve to account for their actions (3:9-13)
The serpent is cursed above all beasts (3:14-15)
The punishment God promises for mankind (3:16-21)
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden (3:22-24)

Chapter 4

The birth of Cain and Abel (4:1-7)
The murder of Abel (4:8-9)
The curse of Cain (4:10-15)
Descendants of Cain, Enoch, the first city (4:16-18)
Lamech and his two wives (4:19-24)
Birth of Seth and Enos (4:25-26)

Chapter 5

Genealogy of Adam and the age of the patriarchs (5:1-5)
Genealogy of Seth (5:6-32)

Chapter 6

The wickedness of the world (6:1-7)
Noah finds grace with God (6:8-12)
The order, form and use of the Ark (6:13-22)

Chapter 7

Noah, his family and the creatures, enter the ark (7:1-16)
The flood (7:17-24)

Chapter 8

The flood waters subside (8:1-3)
The Ark rests on Ararat (8:4-5)
The raven and the dove (8:6-14)
Noah is commanded to leave the Ark (8:15-17)
Noah and Family leave the Ark (8:18-19)
Noah builds an altar and offers sacrifice (8:20-22)

Chapter 9

God blesses Noah (9:1-7)
God's covenant with Noah (9:8-19)
Noah plants a vineyard, gets drunk and is mocked (9:20-24)
Noah curses Canaan (9:25)
Noah blesses Shem (9:26)
Japheth blessed, and Noah dies (9:27-29)

Chapter 10

The Genealogy of Noah (10:1)
The sons of Japheth (10:2-5)
The sons of Ham (10:6-14)
The sons of Canaan (10:15-20)
The sons of Shem (10:21-32)

Chapter 11

One lanuage in the world (11:1-2)
The building of the Tower of Babel (11:3-6)
The confusion of tongues (11:7-9)
The Descendants of Shem (11:10-26)
The Descendants of Terah and his move to Haran(11:27-32)

Chapter 12

God calls Abram; and makes promises to him (12:1-3)
He departs with Lot from Haran (12:4-5)
Abram journeys through Canaan, which is promised him (12:6-9)
He is driven by a famine into Egypt (12:10-13)
He represents his wife to be his sister (12:14-16)
Sarai taken by Pharaoh, God causes plagues & Sarai returned(12:17-20)

Chapter 13

Abram and Lot return out of Egypt (13:1-4)
and agree to separate (13:5-9)
Lot goes to wicked Sodom (13:10-13)
God renews the promise to Abram (13:14-17)
Abram goes to Hebron, and builds an altar (13:18)

Chapter 14

The battle of four kings against five (14:1-11)
Lot is taken prisoner and is rescued by Abram (14:12-16)
Melchizedek blesses Abram and gives a tithe to him(14:17-20)
Abram unselfishness (14:21-24)

Chapter 15

God encourages Abram (15:1)
Abram complains for lack of an heir (15:2-3)
God promises him a son and his numerous descendants (15:4-5)
Abraham is justified by faith (15:6)
Canaan promised again and the sign for the promise(15:7-11)
Prophecy of Isreal bondage & the Lord's covenant with Abram(15:12-21)

Chapter 16

Sarai, being barren, gives Hagar to Abram (16:1-3)
Hagar despises her mistress, is punished, and runs away (16:4-6)
An angel sends her back, telling her she will bear a child (16:7-14)
Hagar bears a son who is named Ishmael (16:15-16)

Chapter 17

God renews the covenant with Abram (17:1-4)
Abram's name is changed, in token of a greater blessing (17:5-9)
Circumcision is instituted (17:10-15)
Sarai's name is changed, and she is blessed (17:15-16)
Isaac is promised; God's covenant to be through Issac (17:17-19)
Abraham and Ishmael are circumcised (17:23-27)

Chapter 18

The Lord appears to Abraham (18:1-8)
Sarah is reproved for laughing at the strange promise (18:9-15)
The destruction of Sodom is revealed to Abraham (18:16-21)
Abraham makes intercession for Sodom and its people (18:23-33)

Chapter 19

Two Angels visit Lot (19:1-3)
The wicked Sodomites stricken with blindness (19:4-11)
Lot is sent for safety into the mountains (19:12-23)
Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed (19:24-25)
Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt (19:26-29)
Lot dwells in a cave (19:30)
The birth of Moab and Benammi (19:31-38)

Chapter 20

Abraham at Gerar (20:1)
Abraham denies his wife, and loses her (20:2)
Abimelech has a dream and rebukes Abraham (20:3-13)
He restores Sarah (20:14-16)
Abimelech and family are healed by Abraham's prayer (20:17-18)

Chapter 21

Isaac is born (21:1-3)
He is circumcised (21:4-5)
Sarah's joy (21:6-8)
Hagar and Ishmael are expelled (21:9-14)
They are in distress (21:15-16)
The angel comforts her (21:17-21)
Abimelech and Abraham make a covenant (21:22-34)

Chapter 22

God, testing Abraham's faith, commands him to sacrifice Isaac (22:1-2)
Abraham gives proof of faith and obedience (22:3-10)
The angel stops him (22:11-14)
The covenant confirmed again to Abraham (22:15-19)
The generation of Nahor to Rebekah (22:20-24)

Chapter 23

The age and death of Sarah (23:1-2)
The purchase of Machpelah, where Sarah was buried (23:3-20)

Chapter 24

Abraham gives instruction to his servant to choose a wife (24:1-9)
The servant's journey (24:10-11)
His prayer about choosing a wife (24:12-14)
Rebekah meets him, fulfilling his sign (24:15-22)
She reveals her relationship (24:23-24)
She offers hospitality (24:25)
The servant blesses God (24:26-27)
Laban entertains him (24:28-32)
The servant explains his mission (24:33-49)
Laban and Bethuel give their approval (24:50-61)
The meeting of Isaac and Rebekah (24:62-67)

Chapter 25

The sons of Abraham by Keturah (25:1-4)
Abraham dividing his goods(25:5-6)
The age, death, and burial of Abraham (25:7-11)
The descendants of Ishmael (25:12-18)
Isaac prays that the barrenness of Rebekah be healed (25:19-21)
Two children struggle in her womb (25:22-23)
The birth of Esau and Jacob (25:24-28)
Esau sells his birthright (25:29-34)

Chapter 26

Because of famine, Isaac goes to Gerar (26:1)
God guides and blesses him (26:2-6)
He denies his wife and is reproved by Abimelech (26:7-11)
He grows rich (26:12-16)
He digs three wells (26:17-22)
God appears to him at Beer-sheba (26:23-25)
Isaac and Abimelech make a covenant at Beer-sheba (26:26-33)
Esau's wives (26:34-35)

Chapter 27

Isaac sends Esau for venison (27:1-4)
Rebekah and Jacob conspire to obtain Isaac's blessing (27:5-14)
Jacob, disguised as Esau, is blessed (27:15-29)
Esau brings venison to his father (27:30-33)
He complains, and by pleading obtains a blessing also (27:34-40)
He threatens to slay Jacob (27:41-42)
Rebekah tells Jacob to go to her brother Laban (27:43-46)

Chapter 28

Isaac blesses Jacob and sends him to Padan-aram (28:1-5)
Esau marries Mahalath, daughter of Ishmael (28:6-9)
Jacob's vision of the ladder at Bethel (28:10-17)
The stone of Beth-el (28:18-19)
Jacob's vow (28:20-22)

Chapter 29

Jacob comes to the well of Haran (29:1-8)
He meets Rachel by the well (29:9-12)
He is entertained by Laban (29:13-14)
Jacob works to marry Rachel (29:15-22)
Laban decieves Jacob into marrying Leah (29:23-27)
Jacob marries Rachel also (29:28-30)
Leah has Reuben (29:31-32)
Leah has Simeon (29:33)
Leah has Levi (29:34)
Leah has Judah (29:35)

Chapter 30

Rachel gives Bilhah to Jacob (30:1-4)
Bilhah has Dan and Naphtali (30:5-9)
Leah gives Zilpah, who has Gad and Asher (30:9-13)
Reuben finds mandrakes (30:14-16)
Leah has Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah (30:17-21)
Rachel has Joseph (30:22-24)
Jacob is denied permission to depart (30:25-36)
Jacob's policy, whereby he became rich (30:37-43)

Chapter 31

Jacob leaves Laban secretly (31:1-18)
Rachel steals her father's images (31:19-21)
Laban pursues Jacob (31:22-35)
Jacob's complaint against Laban (31:36-42)
They make a covenant at Galeed (31:43-55)

Chapter 32

Jacob calls the place of his vision, Mahanaim (32:1-2)
His message to Esau (32:3-5)
Jacob fears to meet Esau (32:6-8)
He prays for deliverance (32:9-12)
He sends a present to Esau (32:13-21)
Jacob wrestles with an angel at Peniel, and his name is changed to Israel (32:22-30)
Jacob is lame (32:31-32)

Chapter 33

Jacob and Esau meet in kindness and brotherly love (33:1-16)
Jacob goes to Succoth (33:17)
He buys a field in Canaanlnd and builds an altar (33:18-20)

Chapter 34

Dinah is ravished by Shechem (34:1-3)
Shecham sues to marry Dinah (34:4-12)
Sons of Jacob agree on that the Shechemites be circumcised (34:13-19)
Hamor and Shechem persuade their people to be circumised (34:20-24)
Simeon and Levi slay the Shechemites (34:25-26)
They take the spoil of the city (34:27-29)
Jacob reproves Simeon and Levi (34:30-31)

Chapter 35

God sends Jacob to Beth-el (35:1)
Jacob purges his house of idols (35:2-5)
Jacob builds an altar unto God at Beth-el (35:6-7)
Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, dies at Allon-bachuth (35:8)
God bless Jacob at Beth-el (35:9-15)
Rachel bears Benjamin and dies (35:16-21)
Reuben lies with Bilhah (35:22)
The sons of Jacob (35:23-25)
Jacob comes to Isaac at Hebron (35:27)
The age, death, and burial of Isaac (35:28-29)

Chapter 36

Esau's three wivies (36:1-8)
Esau's sons (36:9-14)
Dukes that are Esau's sons (36:15-19)
The children of Seir (36:20-30)
The kings of Edom (36:31-39)
Dukes that are from Esau's sons (36:40-43)

Chapter 37

Jacob in Canaan (37:1)
Joseph is hated by his brothers and the coat of many colors(37:2-4)
Joseph tells his two dreams to his family(37:5-11)
Joseph goes to Shechem. His brothers plan to slay him, but Reuben saves him (37:12-25)
Joseph is sold to Ishmeelites (37:26-30)
Jacob deceived by Joseph's bloodstained coat, mourns his death (37:31-35)
Joseph is sold to Potiphar in Egypt (37:36)

Chapter 38

Judah begets Er, Onan, and Shelah (38:1-5)
Er marries Tamar (38:6-7)
The trespass of Onan (38:8-10)
Tamar waits for Shelah (38:11-12)
Judah deceived by Tamar (38:13-26)
Tamar has twins named Pharez and Zarah (38:27-30)

Chapter 39

Joseph is promoted in Potiphar's house (39:1-6)
Joseph resists the temptation of Potipher's wife (39:7-12)
Joseph is falsely accused (39:13-19)
Joseph is put into prison (39:20)
God is with Joseph in prison (39:21-23)

Chapter 40

The butler and the baker of Pharaoh with Joseph in prison (40:1-3)
Joseph is put in charge of them in prison(40:4)
Joseph interprets their dreams (40:5-19)
Their dreams come to pass according to Joseph's interpretation (40:20-22)
The butler forgets what Joseph did for him (40:23)

Chapter 41

Pharaoh's first dream (41:1-4)
Pharaoh's second dream (41:5-8)
Butler tells the Pharaoh about Joseph (41:9-13)
Pharaoh tells his dream to Joseph (41:14-24)
Joseph foretells the famine (41:25-32)
Joseph gives Pharaoh counsel (41:33-36)
Joseph is made ruler over Egypt (41:37-49)
Joseph's son Manasseh and Ephraim are born (41:50-53)
The famine begins (41:54-57)

Chapter 42

Jacob sends his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt (42:1-9)
They are accused as spies (42:9-15)
All ten brothers are put in prison (42:16)
Everyone is freed except Simeon so that they will return and bring Benjamin (42:18-20)
The brothers have remorse for what they did to Joseph (42:21-24)
They return home and recount their experience (42:25-34)
They find money in their sacks and Jacob refuses to let Bemjamin go (42:35-38)

Chapter 43

Jacob is persuaded to send Benjamin (43:1-14)
Joseph entertains his brothers (43:15-30)
The brothers have a feast together (43:31-34)

Chapter 44

Joseph's policy to delay his brothers (44:1-13)
Judah pleads for Benjamin's release (44:14-34)

Chapter 45

Joseph makes himself known (45:1-4)
Joseph comforts them in that it was God's plan (45:5-8)
Joseph sends for his father (45:9-15)
Pharaoh is pleased with Joseph (45:16-20)
Joseph provides for their journey, sending gifts for his father (45:21-24)
Jacob is revived with the news that Joseph is alive (45:25-28)

Chapter 46

Jacob is comforted by God at Beer-sheba (46:1-4)
Jacob journeys to Egypt (46:5-7)
Jacob's family in Egypt (46:8-28)
Joseph comes to meet his father (46:29-30)
Joseph instructs his brothers how to answer Pharaoh (46:31-34)

Chapter 47

Joseph presents five of his brothers to the Pharaoh (47:1-6)
Jacob before the Pharaoh (47:7-10)
Joseph provides for them (47:11-12)
Joseph collects the Egyptian's money (47:13-15)
People give their animlas for exchange for food or money (47:16-17)
People give their lands to the Pharaoh (47:18-22)
The lands are rented for a fifth of the harvest (47:23-28)
Joseph's promise to bury Jacob with his fathers (47:29-31)

Chapter 48

Joseph brings his sons to Jacob (48:1-2)
Jacob tells of God's promise (48:3-4)
He takes Ephraim and Manasseh as his own (48:5-6)
He tells of Rachel's grave (48:7-8)
Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh, preferring the younger to the elder (48:9-20)
Jacob foretells the return of his sons to Canaan (48:22)

Chapter 49

Jacob calls his sons to bless them (49:1-2)
Their individual blessings (49:3-28)
Jacob charges his sons concerning his burial, and dies (49:29-33)

Chapter 50

The mourning for Jacob (50:1-3)
Joseph has permission to go bury his father (50:4-14)
Joseph comforts his brothers (50:15-21)
Joseph's age (50:22-23)
Joseph foretells his brothers' departure from this land (50:24-25)
Joseph dies and is put in a coffin (50:26)

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