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Chapter 1

The time (1:1-3)
And the calling of Jeremiah (1:4-10)
His prophetical visions of an almond rod, and a boiling pot (1:11-14)
God's serious judgment against Judah (1:15-16)
God encourages Jeremiah with a promise of assistance (1:17-19)

Chapter 2

God reasons earnestly with the Jews about their revolt (2:1-8)
Declaring it to be without precedent (2:9-13)
They are the cause of their own calamities (2:14-19)
The sins of Judah (2:20-30)
God rejects those whom Judah trusts (2:31-37)

Chapter 3

Because of Judah's vileness, rain has been withheld (3:1-5)
Judah ignores Israel's example (3:6-10)
Judah is called from backsliding (3:11-19)
Israel is reproved and makes a solemn confession of sins (3:20-25)

Chapter 4

God calls Israel by His promise (4:1-2)
He exhorts Judah to repentance by fearful judgments (4:3-18)
A lament for the miseries of Judah (4:19-31)

Chapter 5

The judgments of God upon the Jews, for their perverseness (5:1-6)
For their adultery and impiety (5:7-18)
For their contempt of God (5:19-24)
And for their great corruption in the civil state (5:25-29)
And ecclesiastical life (5:30-31)

Chapter 6

The enemies, sent against Judah (6:1-3)
Are encouraged (6:4-5)
God sets them against Jerusalem because of its sins (6:6-7)
The prophet laments the judgments of God (6:8-17)
He proclaims God's wrath (6:18-25)
He calls the people to mourn (6:26-30)

Chapter 7

Jeremiah is sent to call for true repentance, to prevent the Jews captivity (7:1-7)
He rejects their vain confidence (7:8-11)
By the example of Shiloh (7:12-16)
He threatens them for their idolatry (7:17-20)
He rejects the sacrifices of the disobedient (7:21-28)
He exhorts them to mourning for their abominations in Tophet (7:29-31)
And foretells their judgment (7:32-34)

Chapter 8

The calamity visited upon the Jews, both dead and alive (8:1-3)
He upbraids their foolish and shameless impenitence (8:4-12)
He foretells their grievous judgment (8:13-17)
And bewails their desperate state (8:18-22)

Chapter 9

Jeremiah laments the Jews' many sins, and the judgment upon them (9:1-11)
Disobedience is the cause of their bitter calamity (9:12-16)
He exhorts them to mourn their own destruction. (9:17-22)
And to trust, not in themselves, but in God (9:23-24)
He threatens both Jews and Gentiles (9:25-26)

Chapter 10

Idols are compared with God (10:1-16)
The prophet exhorts the people to flee from the calamity to come (10:17-18)
He laments the loss of the tabernacle, due to foolish pastors (10:19-22)
He makes humble supplication (10:23-25)

Chapter 11

Jeremiah proclaims God's covenant (11:1-7)
Rebukes the Jews for disobeying it (11:8-10)
Prophesies evils to come upon them (11:11-17)
And upon the men of Anathoth, for conspiring to kill Jeremiah (11:18-23)

Chapter 12

Jeremiah complains of the prosperity of the wicked and foresees their ruin (12:1-4)
God warns him of his brethren's treachery (12:5-6)
Jeremiah laments the loss of his heritage (12:7-13)
God promises the penitent they will return from captivity (12:14-17)

Chapter 13

In the figure of a linen girdle, hidden at Euprates, God foreshows the destruction of His people (13:1-11)
Under the parable of the bottles filled with wine, he foretells their drunken misery (13:12-14)
He exhorts them to avoid future judgment (13:15-21)
He shows that their abominations are the cause of judgment (13:22-27)

Chapter 14

The grievous famine (14:1-6)
Causes Jeremiah to pray (14:7-9)
The Lord will not hear the pleas of the people (14:10-12)
Lying prophets are no excuse for them (14:13-16)
Jeremiah voices their complaint (14:17-22)

Chapter 15

The complete rejection of the Jews, and their many judgments (15:1-2)
Four kinds of destroyers (15:3-9)
Jeremiah speaks of men's spitefulness (15:10-12)
God's threatening reply (15:13-14)
Jeremiah prays (15:15-18)
And receives a gracious promise (15:19-21)

Chapter 16

Jeremiah is not to marry (16:1-4)
The prophet, by figures, foreshows the ruin of the Jews (16:5-9)
Because they are worse than their fathers (16:10-13)
Their return from captivity shall be stranger than their deliverance out of Egypt (16:14-15)
God will punish them doubly for their idolatry (16:16-21)

Chapter 17

The captivity of Judah (17:1-4)
Trust in man is cursed (17:5-6)
In God is blessed (17:7-8)
The deceitful heart cannot deceive God (17:9-11)
Hope and salvation are to be found in Him (17:12-14)
The prophet speaks of those who mock his prophecy (17:15-18)
He is sent to renew the covenant to hallow the sabbath (17:19-27)

Chapter 18

The figure of a potter shows God's absolute power over nations (18:1-10)
Judgments threatened to Judah for her strange revolt (18:11-17)
Jeremiah prays (18:18-23)

Chapter 19

The desolation of the Jews is told in figure of a potter's vessel (19:1-15)

Chapter 20

Pashur, smiting Jeremiah, receives a new name and a fearful doom (20:1-6)
Jeremiah speaks of contempt (20:7-9)
Of treachery (20:10-13)
And of his birth (20:14-18)

Chapter 21

Zedekiah sends to Jeremiah to inquire about the war of Nebuchadrezzar (Nebuchadnezzar) (21:1-2)
Jeremiah foretells a hard siege and miserable captivity (21:3-7)
He counsels the people to surrender to the Chaldeans (21:8-10)
And upbraids the king's house (21:11-14)

Chapter 22

He exhorts the royal family to repent (22:1-9)
The judgment of Shallum (22:10-12)
Of Jehoiakim (22:13-19)
And of Coniah (Jehoiachin) (22:20-30)

Chapter 23

He prophesies the restoration of the scattered flock (23:1-4)
Christ shall rule and save them (23:5-8)
Against false prophets (23:9-32)
And mockers of the true prophets (23:33-40)

Chapter 24

By the figure of good and bad figs (24:1-3)
He foretells the restoration of those who were in captivity (24:4-7)
And the desolation of Zedekiah and the rest (24:8-10)

Chapter 25

Jeremiah, reproving the Jews' disobedience to the prophets (25:1-7)
Foretells the seventy years' captivity (25:8-11)
And after that, the destruction of Babylon (25:12-14)
By the figure of a cup of wine he foreshows the destruction of all the nations (25:15-33)
The howling of the shepherds (25:34-38)

Chapter 26

Jeremiah exhorts the cities of Judah to repent (26:1-7)
He is therefore apprehended (26:8-9)
And arraigned (26:10-11)
His defense (26:12-15)
He is acquitted, the judges citing the cases of Micah (26:16-19)
And of Urijah (26:20-23)
He has the help of Ahikam (26:24)

Chapter 27

Jeremiah prophesies Nebuchadnezzar's subjugation of neighbor kings (27:1-7)
He exhorts the nations to yield and not to believe the false prophets (27:8-11)
He likewise urges Zedekiah (27:12-18)
He foretells that the remaining temple vessels shall be carried to Babylon (27:19-22)

Chapter 28

Hananiah prophesies falsely the return of the vessels and of Jeconiah (Jehoiachin) (28:1-4)
Jeremiah shows that the event itself will declare who are true prophets (28:5-9)
Hananiah breaks Jeremiah's yoke (28:10-11)
Jeremiah tells of an iron yoke (28:12-14)
And foretells Hananiah's death (28:15-17)

Chapter 29

Jeremiah sends a letter to the captives in Babylon, telling them to be quiet there (29:1-7)
Not to believe the dreams of their prophets (29:8-9)
And that they shall return with grace, after seventy years (29:10-14)
He foretells the destruction of the rest for their disobedience (29:15-19)
He shows the fearful end of Ahab and Zedekiah, two lying prophets (29:20-23)
Shemaiah writes a letter against Jeremiah (29:24-29)
Jeremiah reads Shemaiah's doom (29:30-32)

Chapter 30

God shows Jeremiah the return of the Jews (30:1-3)
After their trouble, they shall be delivered (30:4-9)
He comforts them (30:10-17)
Jerusalem will be rebuilt (30:18-19)
Wrath shall fall on the wicked (30:20-24)

Chapter 31

The restoration of Israel (31:1-9)
The proclamation of this happy event (31:10-14)
Rahel (Rachel), mourning, is comforted (31:15-17)
Ephraim, repenting, is brought home again (31:18-21)
Christ is promised (31:22-26)
His care over the church (31:27-30)
His new covenant (31:31-34)
The stability (31:35-37)
And vast extent of the church (31:38-40)

Chapter 32

Jeremiah, imprisoned by Zedekiah for his prophecy (32:1-5)
Buys Hanameel's field (32:6-12)
Baruch must preserve the deeds, as tokens of the people's return (32:13-15)
Jeremiah's prayer To God (32:16-25)
God warns of the captivity for their sins (32:26-35)
But promises restoration (32:36-44)

Chapter 33

God promises to end the captivity (33:1-8)
With a joyful state (33:9-11)
A settled government (33:12-14)
Christ, the Branch of righteousness (33:15-16)
A continuance of the kingdom and priesthood (33:17-18)
And the stability of a blessed seed (33:19-26)

Chapter 34

Jeremiah prophesies the captivity of Zedekiah, and the city (34:1-7)
The princes and the people free their bondservants, but violate God's covenant by enslaving them again (34:8-11)
For their disobedience, they are given to their enemies (34:12-22)

Chapter 35

By the obedience of the Rechabites (35:1-11)
Jeremiah condemns the disobedience of the Jews (35:12-15)
And praises the Rechabites (35:16-17)
God blesses the Rechabites for their obedience (35:18-19)

Chapter 36

Jeremiah causes Baruch to write his prophecy (36:1-4)
And to read it publicly (36:5-10)
The princes are told about it by Michaiah, and send Jehudi to bring the roll and read it (36:11-19)
King Jehoiakim is told about the roll, hears part of it, and burns it (36:20-26)
Jeremiah pronounces his judgment (36:27-31)
Baruch writes a new copy (36:32)

Chapter 37

The Egyptians raise the siege of the Chaldeans and Zedekiah asks Jeremiah to pray for the people (37:1-5)
Jeremiah prophesies the Chaldeans certain return and victory (37:6-10)
He is taken for a traitor, beaten, and put in prison (37:11-15)
He assures Zedekiah of the captivity (37:16-17)
Jeremiah pleads for his freedom (37:18-21)

Chapter 38

He is put in the dungeon of Malchiah (38:1-6)
Ebed-melech appeals to the king and gets him some freedom (38:7-13)
In secret conference, he counsels the king to save his life by surrender (38:14-23)
By the king's instructions, he conceals the conference from the princes (38:24-28)

Chapter 39

Jerusalem is taken (39:1-3)
Zedekiah is made blind, and sent to Babylon (39:4-7)
The city is ruined (39:8)
And the people made captive (39:9-10)
Nebuchadrezzar (Nebuchadnezzar) commands good treatment for Jeremiah (39:11-14)
God's promise to Ebed-melech (39:15-18)

Chapter 40

Jeremiah, freed by Nebuzar-adan, goes to Gedaliah (40:1-6)
The dispersed Jews rally around Gedaliah (40:7-12)
Johanan reveals Ishmael's conspiracy, but is not believed (40:13-16)

Chapter 41

Ishamel slays Gedaliah, then plans to flee with those remaining to the Ammonites (41:1-10)
Johanan recovers the captives, and plans to flee into Egypt (41:11-18)

Chapter 42

Johanan asks Jeremiah to inquire of God, and promises obedience to His will (42:1-6)
Jeremiah assures him of safety in Judea, and destruction in Egypt (42:7-18)
He reproves their hypocrisy in inquiring of the Lord, without intending to obey (42:19-22)

Chapter 43

Johanan, discrediting Jeremiah's prophecy, carries Jeremiah and others into Egypt (43:1-7)
Jeremiah prophesies the conquest of Egypt by Babylon (43:8-13)

Chapter 44

Jeremiah recalls the desolation of Judah (44:1-10)
He prophesies the destruction of those who commit idolatry in Egypt (44:11-14)
The obstinacy of the Jews (44:15-19)
Jeremiah threatens them for it (44:20-28)
He prophesies the destruction of Egypt (44:29-30)

Chapter 45

Baruch is dismayed (45:1-3)
So Jeremiah instructs and comforts him (45:4-5)

Chapter 46

Jeremiah prophesies the overthrow of Pharaoh's army at Euphrates (46:1-12)
And the conquest of Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar (Nebuchadnezzar) (46:13-26)
He comforts the Jews in their chastisement (46:27-28)

Chapter 47

The destruction of the Philistines (47:1-7)

Chapter 48

The judgment of Moab (48:1-6)
For their pride (48:7-10)
For their vanity (48:11-13)
For their boasting (48:14-25)
And for their contempt of God and His people (48:26-46)
The restoration of Moab (48:47)

Chapter 49

The judgment of the Ammonites (49:1-5)
Their restoration (49:6)
The judgment of Edom (49:7-22)
Of Damascus (49:23-27)
Of Kedar (49:28-29)
Of Hazor (49:30-33)
And of Elam (49:34-38)
The restoration of Elam (49:39)

Chapter 50

The judgment of Babylon and the redemption of Israel (50:1-20)
Babylon's desolation (50:21-46)

Chapter 51

The severe judgment of God on Babylon (51:1-13)
To avenge Israel (51:14-58)
The book of this prophecy cast into Euphrates is a token of the perpetual sinking of Babylon (51:59-64)

Chapter 52

Zedekiah rebels (52:1-3)
Jerusalem is besieged and taken (52:4-7)
Zedekiah's sons killed, and his own eyes put out (52:8-11)
Nebuzar-adan burns and spoils the city (52:12-23)
He carries away the captives (52:24-30)
Evil-merodach advances Jehoiachin (52:31-34)

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Chapter 1

The miserable state of Jerusalem because of her sin (1:1-11)
She complains of her grief (1:12-17)
And confesses God's judgment to be righteous (1:18-22)

Chapter 2

Jeremiah laments the misery of Jerusalem (2:1-19)
He speaks of it to God (2:20-22)

Chapter 3

The faithful bewail their calamities (3:1-21)
By the mercies of God they nourish their hope (3:22-36)
They acknowledge God's justice (3:37-54)
They pray for deliverance (3:55-63)
And vengeance on their enemies (3:64-66)

Chapter 4

Zion bewails her pitiful state (4:1-12)
She confesses her sins (4:13-20)
Edom is threatened (4:21)
Zion is comforted (4:22)

Chapter 5

The review of the need for restoration (5:1-15)
The repentance of sin (5:16-18)
The request for restoration (5:19-22)

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