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Chapter 1

The happiness of the godly (1:1-3)
The ungodly shall perish (1:4-6)

Chapter 2

The kingdom of Christ (2:1-9)
Kings are exhorted to accept it (2:10-12)

Chapter 3

The security of God's protection (3:1-8)

Chapter 4

David prays for a hearing with God (4:1-5)
Man's happiness is in God's love (4:6-8)

Chapter 5

David prays and professes his regularity in prayer (5:1-3)
God does not favor the wicked (5:4-6)
David prays to God for guidance (5:7-9)
To destroy his enemies, and to preserve the godly (5:10-12)

Chapter 6

David's complaint in his sickness (6:1-7)
By faith he triumphs over his enemies (6:8-10)

Chapter 7

David prays against the malice of his enemies, professing his innocence (7:1-9)
By faith he sees his defense and the destruction of his enemies (7:10-17)

Chapter 8

God's glory is magnified by His works, and by His love to man (8:1-9)

Chapter 9

David praises God for executing judgment (9:1-10)
He urges others to praise Him (9:11-20)

Chapter 10

David speaks to God of outrages by the wicked (10:1-11)
He prays for a cure of these evils (10:12-15)
He professes his confidence (10:16-18)

Chapter 11

David encourages himself in God against his enemies (11:1-3)
The providence and justice of God (11:4-7)

Chapter 12

David, destitute of human comfort, craves the help of God (12:1-5)
His confidence in God's tested promises (12:6-8)

Chapter 13

David prays for intervening grace (13:1-4)
He glories in divine mercy (13:5-6)

Chapter 14

David describes the corruption of a natural man (14:1-3)
He convicts the wicked by the testimony of their own consciences (14:4-6)
He glories in the salvation of God (14:7)

Chapter 15

David describes a citizen of Zion (15:1-5)

Chapter 16

David, distrusting worthiness and hating idolatry, flees to God for preservation (16:1-4)
He shows the hope of his calling, of the resurrection, and life everlasting (16:5-11)

Chapter 17

David, confident of his integrity, prays for defense from God against his enemies (17:1-9)
He shows their pride, craftiness and eagerness (17:10-12)
He prays against them, confident of his hope (17:13-15)

Chapter 18

David praises and gives thanksgiving for deliverance by God (18:1-50)

Chapter 19

The whole creation shows God's glory (19:1-6)
The word of God, His grace (19:7-11)
David prays for grace (19:12-14)

Chapter 20

Trust not in chariots and horses but in God (20:1-9)

Chapter 21

A thanksgiving for victory (21:1-6)
Confidence of further success (21:7-13)

Chapter 22

David cry of great discouragement (22:1-8)
He prays in great distress (22:9-21)
He praises God (22:22-31)

Chapter 23

The Lord is my sheperd (23:1-6)

Chapter 24

God's lordship in the world (24:1-6)
An exhortation to receive Him (24:7-10)

Chapter 25

David's confidence in prayer (25:1-6)
He prays for remission of sins (25:7-15)
And for help in affliction (25:16-22)

Chapter 26

Examine me, O Lord, and prove me (26:1-12)

Chapter 27

David sustains his faith by the power of God (27:1-3)
By his love for the service of God (27:4-8)
By prayer (27:9-14)

Chapter 28

David prays earnestly against his enemies (28:1-5)
He blesses God (28:6-8)
He prays for the people (28:9)

Chapter 29

David exhorts princes to give glory to God (29:1-3)
Because of His power (29:4-10)
And protection of His people (29:11)

Chapter 30

David praises God for His deliverance (30:1-3)
He exhorts others to praise Him (30:4-12)

Chapter 31

David, showing his confidence in God, craves His help (31:1-6)
He rejoices in His steadfast love (31:7-8)
He prays in his calamity (31:9-18)
He praises God for His goodness (31:19-24)

Chapter 32

The happy state of him whose sins are forgiven (32:1-4)
David confesses his sins and promises deliverance to all who pray (32:5-7)
God's promises bring joy (32:8-11)

Chapter 33

God is to be praised for His goodness (33:1-5)
For His power (33:6-11)
And for His providence (33:12-19)
Our confidence and hope in God (33:20-22)

Chapter 34

David praises God and exhorts others to seek him (34:1-7)
Those who trust in God are blessed (34:8-10)
He exhorts to the fear of God (34:11-14)
Many privileges are promised to the righteous (34:15-22)

Chapter 35

David prays for his own safety and his enemies' confusion (35:1-10)
He speaks of their wrong behavior (35:11-21)
And asks God's protection against them (35:22-28)

Chapter 36

The deplorable state of the wicked (36:1-4)
The excellence of God's steadfast love (36:5-9)
David prays for God's favor to His children (36:10-12)

Chapter 37

David urges men to patience and confidence in God, by contrasting the condition of the godly and the wicked (37:1-40)

Chapter 38

The heavy burden of sin and the prayer of a penitent heart (38:1-22)

Chapter 39

David's attention to his thoughts: (39:1-3)
Consideration of life's brevity and vanity (39:4-6)
The reverence of God's judgments (39:7-9)
And prayer, are the bridles of his impatience (39:10-13)

Chapter 40

The benefits of confidence in God (40:1-5)
Delight to do God's will is the best sacrifice (40:6-10)
David's prayer to be delivered from evils and iniquities (40:11-17)

Chapter 41

The blessedness of helping the poor (41:1-3)
David complains of his enemies' treachery (41:4-9)
He flees to God for help (41:10-13)


Concerning Israel as a Nation

Chapter 42

David's zeal to serve God in the temple (42:1-4)
Encouragement for the soul to trust in God (42:5-11)

Chapter 43

Praying to be restored to the temple, David promises to serve God joyfully (43:1-4)
He encourages his soul to trust in God (43:5)

Chapter 44

The church, in memory of former favors (44:1-6)
Complains of present evils (44:7-16)
Professing integrity (44:17-23)
The church fervently prays for help (44:24-26)

Chapter 45

The majesty and grace of Christ's kingdom (45:1-9)
The duty of the church (45:10-17)

Chapter 46

God is our refuge and strength (46:1-7)
An exhortation to behold it (46:8-11)

Chapter 47

The nations are exhorted to welcome joyfully Christ and His kingdom (47:1-9)

Chapter 48

The praise of Mount Zion (48:1-14)

Chapter 49

An earnest plea to build faith in the resurrection not on worldly power but on God (49:1-15)
Worldly prosperity is not to be admired (49:16-20)

Chapter 50

The majesty of God in the church (50:1-4)
His order to gather saints (50:5-6)
The pleasure of God is not in ceremonies, but in sincerity of obedience (50:7-23)

Chapter 51

David prays for remission of sins, which he confesses fully (51:1-5)
He prays for a sanctified heart and life (51:6-15)
God delights not in sacrifice but in sincerity (51:16-17)
David prays for the church (51:18-19)

Chapter 52

David condemning the spitefulness of Doeg, prophesies his destruction (52:1-5)
The righteous shall rejoice (52:6-7)
David, confident in God's love, gives thanks (52:8-9)

Chapter 53

David describes the corruption of a natural man (53:1-3)
He convicts the wicked by the testimony of their own consciences (53:4-5)
He glories in the salvation of God (53:6)

Chapter 54

David, speaking of the Ziphites, prays for salvation with confidence in God's help (54:1-5)
He promises sacrifice (54:6-7)

Chapter 55

David, in prayer, tells of his fearful case (55:1-8)
He prays against his enemies, whose wickedness and treachery vex him (55:9-15)
He finds comfort in God's preserving him and confusing his enemies (55:16-23)

Chapter 56

David again speaks of his enemies (56:1-8)
He professes confidence in God's word, and promises to praise Him (56:9-13)

Chapter 57

David again speaks of his dangerous case (57:1-6)
He is moved to praise God (57:7-11)

Chapter 58

David reproves wicked judges (58:1-5)
Delivers them to God's judgments (58:6-9)
Where the righteous shall rejoice (58:10-11)

Chapter 59

David prays to be delivered from his enemies (59:1-5)
He complains of their cruelty (59:6-7)
He trusts in God (59:8-10)
He prays against them (59:11-15)
He praises God (59:16-17)

Chapter 60

David prays for deliverance (60:1-5)
He craves help from God, in whom he trusts (60:6-12)

Chapter 61

David flees to God and vows perpetual service unto Him (61:1-8)

Chapter 62

David, professing his confidence in God, discourages his enemies (62:1-4)
By the same faith he encourages the godly (62:5-8)
No trust is to be put in worldly things (62:9-10)
Power and mercy belong to God (62:11-12)

Chapter 63

David's thirst for God (63:1-3)
Davids manner of blessing God (63:4-8)
Davids confidence in his enemies' destruction and his own safety (63:9-11)

Chapter 64

David prays for deliverance (64:1-6)
He looks for destruction of his enemies (64:7-10)

Chapter 65

David praises God for His grace (65:1-3)
The blessedness and benefits of God's chosen (65:4-13)

Chapter 66

David exhorts men to praise God (66:1-4)
To observe His great works (66:5-7)
To bless Him for His gracious benefits (66:8-10)
He vows for himself devoted service to God (66:12-15)
He declares God's special goodness to him (66:16-20)

Chapter 67

A prayer for enlargement of God's kingdom (67:1-3)
To the joy of the people and the nations (67:4-5)
And the increase of God's blessings (67:6-7)

Chapter 68

A prayer at the removal of the ark (68:1-4)
God is the Father of the Fatherless (68:5-6)
For His care of the church, and for His great works (68:7-35)

Chapter 69

David complains of his affliction (69:1-12)
He prays for deliverance (69:13-21)
He delivers his enemies to destruction (69:22-29)
He praises God with thanksgiving (69:30-36)

Chapter 70

David asks God to destroy the wicked and to preserve the godly (70:1-5)

Chapter 71

David's, prayer for help in old age (71:1-13)
He promises constancy (71:14-16)
He prays for perseverance (71:17-18)
He praises God with joy (71:19-24)

Chapter 72

David, praying for Solomon, shows the goodness and glory of Christ's kingdom to come (72:1-17)
He blesses God (72:18-20)


Concerning the Sanctuary

Chapter 73

The prophet prevails in a temptation caused by the prosperity of the wicked (73:1-12)
Lack of self-confidence (73:13-14)
God will destroy the wicked and sustain the righteous (73:15-28)

Chapter 74

The prophet laments the desolation of the sanctuary (74:1-9)
The prophet seeks God's help (74:10-17)
Of God's reproachful enemies (74:18-19)
And of His covenant (74:20-23)

Chapter 75

The prophet praises God and promises to judge uprightly (75:1-3)
He rebukes the proud by calling attention to God's providence (75:4-8)
Praising God, he promises to execute justice (75:9-10)

Chapter 76

A declaration of God's majesty in the church (76:1-10)
An exhortation to serve Him reverently (76:11-12)

Chapter 77

The psalmist describes his battle against distrust (77:1-9)
He won the victory by thinking anew on God's great and gracious works. Always remember God's greatness (77:10-20)

Chapter 78

An exhortation to learn and to preach the law of God (78:1-8)
The story of God's wrath against the unbelieving and disobedient (78:9-66)
After the Israelites were rejected, God chose Judah, Zion and David (78:67-72)

Chapter 79

The psalmist complains of the desolation of Jerusalem (79:1-7)
He prays for deliverance (79:8-12)
And promises thankfulness (79:13)

Chapter 80

The psalmist, in his prayer, complains of the miseries of the church (80:1-7)
God's former favors are turned into judgments (80:8-13)
He prays for deliverance (80:14-19)

Chapter 81

An exhortation to joyful praise of God (81:1-3)
God's claim upon that duty because of His benefits (81:4-7)
God speaks of their disobedience, which results in their own hurt (81:8-16)

Chapter 82

The psalmist, having exhorted the judges, and reproved their negligence (82:1-7)
Prays God to judge (82:8)

Chapter 83

The conspiracies of God's enemies (83:1-8)
A prayer for protection against those who oppress the church (83:9-18)

Chapter 84

The prophet desires fellowship in God's house (84:1-3)
He shows the happy state of all who dwell there (84:4-7)
And prays to be restored to it himself (84:8-12)

Chapter 85

The psalmist, mindful of his experience of former mercies, prays for their continuance (85:1-7)
Confident of God's goodness, he promises to wait patiently (85:8-13)

Chapter 86

David's prayer is firmly rooted in his own faith (86:1)
And in God's goodness and power (86:5-10)
He desires the continuance of former grace (86:11-13)
Complaining of the proud, he desires some token of God's goodness (86:14-17)

Chapter 87

The nature and glory of Zion (87:1-7)

Chapter 88

A cry for deliverance (88:1-18)

Chapter 89

The psalmist praises God for His covenant (89:1-4)
For His wonderful power (89:5-14)
For the care of His church (89:15-18)
And for His favor to the kingdom of David (89:19-37)
Then, complaining of contrary events (89:38-45)
He protests, prays, and blesses God (89:46-52)


Concerning Israel and the Nation

Chapter 90

Moses, setting forth God's providence (90:1-3)
Complains of human frailty (90:4-6)
Divine chastisements (90:7-9)
And brevity of life (90:10-11)
He prays for the knowledge and perceptible experience of God's good providence (90:12-17)

Chapter 91

The state of the godly (91:1-2)
Their safety (91:3-8)
Their habitation (91:9-10)
Their servants (91:11-13)
God's loving care (91:14-16)

Chapter 92

The prophet exhorts men to praise God (92:1-3)
For His great works (92:4-5)
For His judgments on the wicked (92:6-9)
And for His goodness to the godly (92:10-15)

Chapter 93

The majesty, power, and holiness of Christ's kingdom (93:1-5)

Chapter 94

The prophet calls for justice, Vengeance belongs to only God (94:1-7)
He teaches God's providence (94:8-11)
He shows the blessedness of affliction (94:12-15)
God is the defender of the afflicted (94:16-23)

Chapter 95

An exhortation to praise God (95:1-2)
For His greatness (95:3-5)
And for His goodness (95:6-7)
And a warning not to tempt Him (95:8-11)

Chapter 96

An exhortation to praise God (96:1-2)
For His greatness (96:3-7)
For His kingdom (96:8-10)
For His general judgment (96:11-13)

Chapter 97

The majesty of God's kingdom (97:1-6)
The church rejoices at God's judgments upon idol worshipers (97:7-9)
An exhortation to godliness and gladness (97:10-12)

Chapter 98

The psalmist exhorts the Jews (98:1-3)
The Gentiles (98:4-6) And the whole creation to praise God (98:7-9)

Chapter 99

The prophet, setting forth the kingdom of God in Zion (99:1-4)
Exhorts all, by the example of their forefathers, to worship God on His holy hill (99:5-9)

Chapter 100

An exhortation to praise God cheerfully (100:1-3)
For His goodness and power (100:4-5)

Chapter 101

David makes a vow and commitment to holy living (101:1-8)

Chapter 102

The prayer of an overwhelmed saint (102:1-11)
He takes comfort in the eternity and mercy of God (102:12-17)
The mercies of God are to be recorded (102:18-28)

Chapter 103

An exhortation to bless God for His mercy (103:1-14)
And for its constancy (103:15-22)

Chapter 104

A meditation upon the mighty power (104:1-6)
And wonderful providence of God (104:7-30)
God's glory is eternal (104:31-32)
The prophet vows perpetually to praise God (104:33-35)

Chapter 105

An exhortation to praise God, and to seek out His works (105:1-6)
God's providential care of Abraham (105:7-15)
Of Joseph (105:16-21)
Of Jacob in Egypt (105:23-26)
Of Moses delivering the Israelites (105:26-36)
Of the Israelites, as they were led out of Egypt, fed in the wilderness, and settled in Canaan (105:37-45)

Chapter 106

The psalmist exhorts men to praise God (106:1-3)
He prays for pardon of sin, as God forgave the fathers (106:4-6)
The story of the people's rebellion, and God's steadfast love (106:7-46)
He concludes with prayer and praise (106:47-48)


Concerning God and His Word

Chapter 107

The psalmist exhorts the redeemed, in praising God, to observe His providential care (107:1-3)
Of travelers (107:4-9)
Of captives (107:10-16)
Of sick men (107:17-22)
Of seamen (107:23-32)
And in many varieties of life (107:33-43)

Chapter 108

David praises God (108:1-4)
He prays for God's assistance (108:5-10)
His confidence in God's help (108:11-13)

Chapter 109

David speaks to God about his slanderous enemies (109:1-15)
He shows their sin (109:16-20)
Turning to his own misery, he prays for help and promises thankfulness (109:21-31)

Chapter 110

The kingdom (110:1-3)
The priesthood (110:4)
The conquest (110:5-6)
And the passion of Christ (110:7)

Chapter 111

The psalmist, by his example, stirs others to praise God, for His glorious (111:1-4)
And gracious works (111:5-9)
The fear of God breeds true wisdom (111:10)

Chapter 112

The blessings of those who fear God (112:1-3)
And of the life to come (112:4-8)
The prosperity of the godly shall grieve the wicked (112:9-10)

Chapter 113

An exhortation to praise God for His excellency (113:1-5)
For His mercy (113:6-9)

Chapter 114

An exhortation, by the example of creation, to fear God in His church (114:1-8)

Chapter 115

Because God is truly glorious (115:1-3)
And idols are vanity (115:4-8)
The psalmist exhorts priests and people to have confidence in God (115:9-11)
God is to be praised for His blessings (115:12-18)

Chapter 116

The psalmist professes his love and duty to God, for His deliverance (116:1-11)
He is diligent in showing his thanks (116:12-19)

Chapter 117

An exhortation to praise God for His love and truth (117:1-2)

Chapter 118

An exhortation to praise God for His love (118:1-4)
The psalmist, by his experience, shows how good it is to trust in God (118:5-18)
Under the type of the psalmist, the coming of Christ in His kingdom is expressed (118:19-29)

Chapter 119

The keeper's of God's law (119:1-8)
Purity, of thy word have I hid in my heart (119:9-16)
Thy testimonies are my delight (119:17-24)
Prayer for understanding thy way (119:25-32)
Give me understanding to live the Lord's way (119:33-40)
I trust in thy word (119:41-48)
Comfort in God's law (119:49-56)
The earth is full of thy mercy (119:57-64)
God's law taught by affliction (119:65-72)
Confidence in the law (119:73-80)
All thy commandments are faithful (119:81-88)
Thy faithfulness is unto all generations (119:89-96)
The love of God's law (119:97-104)
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (119:105-112)
God's law a hiding place (119:113-120)
The psalmist loves God's law (119:121-128)
The psalmist keeps God's law(119:129-136)
God's law is true (119:137-144)
A cry for salvation (119:145-152)
Great are thy tender mercies (119:153-160)
Great peace have they which love and keep God's law (119:161-168)
A prayer of understanding (119:169-176)

Chapter 120

David prays against Doeg and reproves his tongue (120:1-4)
He speaks of his necessary association with the wicked (120:5-7)

Chapter 121

The great safety of the godly who put their trust in God's protection (121:1-8)

Chapter 122

David professes his joy for the church (122:1-5)
And prays for peace (122:6-9)

Chapter 123

The godly profess their confidence in God (123:1-2)
And pray to be delivered from contempt (123:3-4)

Chapter 124

The church praises God for a miraculous deliverance (124:1-8)

Chapter 125

The safety of those who trust God (125:1-3)
A prayer for the godly and against the wicked (125:4-5)

Chapter 126

The church, celebrating its incredible return from captivity (126:1-3)
Sow in tears........Reap in Joy (126:4-6)

Chapter 127

The virtue of God's blessing (127:1-2)
Children are God's heritage (127:3-5)

Chapter 128

Various blessings which follow those who fear God (128:1-6)

Chapter 129

An exhortation to praise God for delivering Israel from great afflictions (129:1-4)
Those who hate the church are cursed (129:5-8)

Chapter 130

The Psalmist professes his hope in prayer, and his patience in hope (130:1-6)
He exhorts Israel to hope in God (130:7-8)

Chapter 131

David, professing his humility (131:1-2)
Exhorts Israel to hope in God (131:3)

Chapter 132

David reminds God of his devoted care for the ark (132:1-7)
His prayer at the removal of the ark (132:8-10)
With a repetition of God's promises (132:11-18)

Chapter 133

Benefits from the harmony of believers (133:1-3)

Chapter 134

An exhortation to bless God (134:1-3)

Chapter 135

An exhortation to praise God for His mercy (135:1-4)
For His power, and His judgments (135:5-14)
The vanity of idols (135:15-18)
An exhortation to bless God (135:19-21)

Chapter 136

An exhortation to give thanks to God for his mercies which endure forever (136:1-26)

Chapter 137

The steadfastness of the Jews in captivity (137:1-6)
The prophet curses Edom and Babel (137:7-9)

Chapter 138

David praises God for the truth of His word (138:1-3)
He prophesies that the kings of the earth shall praise God (138:4-6)
He professes his confidence in God (138:7-8)

Chapter 139

David praises God for His all-seeing providence (139:1-16)
And for His infinite mercies (139:17-18)
He defies the wicked (139:19-22)
He prays for sincerity (139:23-24)

Chapter 140

David prays to be delivered from Saul and Doeg (140:1-7)
He prays against them (140:8-11)
He comforts himself by confidence in God (140:12-13)

Chapter 141

David prays that his plea may be acceptable (141:1-3)
His conscience sincere (141:4-6)
And his life safe from snares (141:7-10)

Chapter 142

David proclaims thou art my refuge and my portion in time of trouble (142:1-7)

Chapter 143

David prays for favor in judgment (143:1-4)
He strengthens his faith by meditation and prayer (143:5-6)
He prays for grace (143:7-8)
For deliverance (143:9)
Teach me to do thy will (143:10-11)
For destruction of his enemies (143:12)

Chapter 144

David blesses God for His mercy, both to him and to mankind (144:1-4)
He prays that God will deliver him from his enemies (144:5-8)
He promises to praise God (144:9-10)
He prays for the happy state of the kingdom (144:11-15)

Chapter 145

David praises God for His fame (145:1-7)
For His goodness (145:8-10)
For His kingdom (145:11-13)
For His providence (145:14-16)
For His saving mercy (145:17-21)

Chapter 146

The psalmist vows perpetual praises to God (146:1-2)
He admonishes not to trust in man (146:3-4)
God for His power, justice, mercy, and kingdom, is alone worthy to be trusted (146:5-10)

Chapter 147

The prophet exhorts men to praise God, for His care of the church (147:1-3)
His power, and His mercy (147:4-6)
To praise Him for His providence (147:7-11)
To praise Him for His blessings upon the kingdom and for His ordinances in the church (147:12-20)

Chapter 148

The psalmist exhorts the celestial (148:1-6)
and terrestrial creation (148:7-10)
with the rational creatures to praise God (148:11-14)

Chapter 149

The prophet exhorts men to praise God for the love He has shown to the church (149:1-4)
And for the power He has given to the church (149:5-9)

Chapter 150

An exhortation to praise God (150:1-2)
With all kinds of instruments (150:3-6)

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