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Pray For Those Who Do Not Have
The Peace, Knowledge, And
Salvation Of Jesus Christ
In Their Lives.

September 11th, That Date shows up as 911,
The Emergency Phone Number
Do You Think GOD is Trying to Tell us Something?

Why did GOD allow 9/11 to Happen? Click Here for the Answer.


I know not by what methods rare,
But this I know, GOD answers prayer;

I know not if the blessing sought,
Will come in just the guise I thought;

I leave my prayer to Him alone,
Whose will is wiser than my own.

by Eliza M. Hickok


On display in the French Academy of Science is a shoemaker's awl.
It looks ordinary, but behind that little awl are both tragedy and victory.
It fell one day from the shoemaker's table and put out the eye of his nine-year old son.
Within weeks the child was blind in both yes, and had to attend a special school for the sightless.

At that time the blind read by using large carved wooden blocks that were clumsy and awkward to handle.
The shoemaker's son, when he grew up, devised a new reading system of punched dots on paper.
And to do it, Louis Braille used the same awl that had blinded him.

Tragedy will come into each of our lives, but we can choose how
it affects us. When it strikes, some of us ask,
"Why did God allow this to happen?"
Others ask,
"How will God use it?"

Father, even when we do not understand
Your purposes, help us to seek Your will.

Patricia Houck Sprinkle
Daily Guideposts 1979

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Prayer Requests

Please be in Prayer for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With our president I am in Great Fear for Our Country, Our Freedom, and Our Religious Freedom. Please Pray that the LORD will protect us from his attacks, and the attacks of those who support him. I do not understand why the LORD allowed this to happen. But, I Do Know That His Plan Is Perfect, and I Trust Him.
Maybe this is how the LORD is going to wake up this country.

Pray that this ministry will continue to grow and spread GOD'S word around the world.

Please pray for Revival in your country, the United States, and the world !

Pray for the leaders of Israel, that they will receive wisdom and courage, and that the people of Israel will come to know the LORD and not stray from him.

October 24, 1996
Please pray for Dorian M. in Placerville California. She has turned her back on the LORD and is delving into witchcraft. Please join with me in asking the LORD to open her heart and eyes. Thank You Very Much!

December 21, 2006
Sara, Daughter, Gone from family, into Witchcraft!!!!!!!

Please also Pray that the LORD will open the hearts and eyes of Norma and Michael who are followers of satan.

November 2, 2008
Please pray that my former husband, Jerry, is delivered out of witchcraft, and away from Virgina, a tarot card reader he left me for 15 years ago. I have not seen him since.

August 10, 2010
My name is Deborah. i live in, oregon. i am not saved. need prayer for deliverance of evil spirits in me. my spirit is possessed. i can control what's happening in the spiritual realm thru dreams i have. im scared and need help asap. please also pray that soul ties are broken between me and woman name patsy, who lives in, florida. may her spirit return to her and my spirit return to me.


As of January 1, 2016, I made a change to the format of this Page.
The latest Prayer Requests, are no longer at the bottom of the page.
They are now, here, at the top of the list.
Just Below this Notice.

April 25, 2017
Please pray for conversion of my country Turkey to Our Lord Jesus Christ and for our deliverance from islam.

April 17, 2017
Please pray for M. Mary R and for her dear family members Faruk, Ali, Fevziye, Serif, Tahsin, Irfan, Ismail, Mehmet, Lara Nedime, Zeynep Sude, Faruk Arda, Mehmet Berke, Emrecem R and all other dear family members, for forgiveness, conversion, healing, Divine Mercy, baptism, Gift of Holy Ghost and salvation and for all her intentions. And For God's Will in their lives and for their consecration to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.for Divine Grace to know Jesus and His will for ever. And for Divine help in all our needs. And for dear Alewies people, and for all of mother, Nedime R, dear deceaseds.

God bless. M. Mary

April 17, 2017
Please pray for Fevziye, Faruk and Ali, Tahsin, and for me Mufide and for Irfan, Serif, Ismail, Mehmet, Nedime R and all my family members and all my intentions for God's Will. And for my father Mehmet who is a very old man to receive the Grace and the Holy Ghost and to get baptized and receive the Sacraments as soon as possible with all the family members as soon as possible.

And for Fevziye for healing tumor in her womb and in her urine and healing of her mind and all kinds of healings. And for healing of her livers. also when she sleeps oksijen does not go to brain, for complete healing and to lose weight and quit smoking and gambling. And for her healing after the death of her mother and for her spiritual healing and conversion.

And for Tahsin for healing of mind, memory, hip bone, cholesterol, blockage in heart artery, heart, and all kinds of healings.

And for Ali, for healing of diabetees, heart, mind, memory and all kinds of healings.

And for Mufide for healings of mind, memory, blockages in the legs, brain, memory, eyes, ears, imagination, breast, and hips and back, head and mind and all kinds of healings.

And for Irfan for healing of hip, mind, family, heart and all kinds of healings.

And for Faruk for healing of head, headaches, hip, mind, memory, heart, lungs, faith and all kinds of healings.

And for Sherif for healing of cholesterol, knee, and all kinds of healing and for healing of family trees.

And for Mehmet for healing of mind, heart, back, and all kinds of healings.

And for Ismail for healing of DIABETES, heart, hip, mind, memory, family trees, faith and finance and all kinds of healings.

And for Semra and all her dear ones for God's will be done.

And for Hikmiye C for healing of canser and her dear blood line family.

And for Vedat P for healing of all kinds with all her dear family blood lines.

Ragibe T for healing with her children.

All my nieces and nephews for complete healings and blessings and protections.

And for healing of all dear family members and all dear families. And for dear relatives and dear alewies.

And for Bashar E. and family and his family and his people through out the world.

And for salvation and protection of all.

God's Will. God Bless. Mufide

February 27, 2017
Please Pray GOD JESUS Heals Derek Silva of asthma and allergies today In JESUS Name.


February 27, 2017
Please pray for my sister Fevziye, for my brother Faruk R and all his brothers, sisters, parents and dear family members for God's Will.

God Bless you for all your prayers for us.

M. Mary R marynina91@yahoo.com

January 27, 2017
My Dearest Prayer Warriors,

Aers has met someone recently who can be an answer to her and the prayers of others who only want her happiness. May she discern God's will clearly and regardless may God bless this special new friendship which she values as coming from God since only God could have orchestrated their meeting the way He did . May He be in the middle of the relationship and guide every step of their way. May well meaning friends not interfere except with prayers and let God guide their way. And may their next communication and meetings be as natural as the first...

Thanks so much!
God bless you all...
Ada : ) adarivera@aol.com

January 26, 2017
Please can you pray for my brother Ali R and his parents and all his bothers, sisters and and all the children of the family and dear relatives and dear people and alewies for conversion and salvation as soon as possible with no trouble and danger at all.

And please I had an accident and my car was totalled. That I will be able to get my money in full from the insurance. There are false witness against me because I am not from here. I need your prayers for this and for my finanses to be healed and for my my teeth to be treated and healed I have no insurance and very expensive. and for my own greencard as soon as possible. And for me a place of my own according to God's will. And for my own mission on earth and for converson of my family to be able to share, worship and serve The Lord Jesus with Them. God bless you.Gift of forgiveness, healing, baptism, confermation, Divine Mercy and Holy Ghost to all of us, In the Mighty Name of Jesus.And for conversion of my our leaders and my country with peace. And for all those I oughty pray for for God's Will.

God Bless you and reward you for all you do for us.

M. Mary


December 31, 2016
Please Pray GOD will send hundreds of Christians to personally Pray for for the healing of Melissa Young, former Miss Wisconsin. Melissa Young is dying from an incurable disease and is a mother of an 8 year old boy named Jack. Please Pray for the healing of Melissa Young, and Pray GOD will send hundreds of Christians to Pray for Melissa Young in Person for her healing. In JESUS Name


December 31, 2016
Please remember me, Mufide Mary and my family, in your prayers in this Holy Season for God's Will.

I wish you all the Blessings in the new year.

God Bless you.
Mufide Mary R

December 9, 2016
Please pray for my fiance,who was diagnosed with colon cancer. I believe God will heal him.


December 9, 2016
Please pray for Evan 23 diagnosed with kidney and lung cancer. We the family are devastated. We believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for Evan during this difficult time.

Thank you Kellisu54@yahoo.com

December 9, 2016
Dearest everyone,

Im so happy to tell you that my friend Madhu is pregnant with her first child..soo glorious. God is so wonderful!! Please pray that Madhu will get lots of love from her husband and God will bless her with a beautiful baby without any complications.

Today i scolded primary principal of my school. He spoke very rudely to my senior teacher Ms Janadarie. I told him off. also i challenged him on his condemning a 8 year old Savith who is slow learner. This kind of selfish arrogant men should not be in charge of kids!!!

We are writing speech and drama text books for primary. I included sweet poem " the lamb" by william blake to syllabus. He told me to remove it because its religious. This man is absolute fraud and is destroying our school with his ways!!!!

Im not a mite ashamed for challenging his ideals dont know what management will decide about my outspoken behavior. God is my boss and He is my provider. Even if i lose my job i will never lose God.

Im thankful to God for my senior teacher Ms Jana she been showing me the love of God is many ways please pray that God will multiply her financial spiritual blessings and give her His strength and good health and take her to higher places of life. She's given me so much love im sooo thankful to God!!

Please pray for Ms Sharmain and other ppl who v shown kindness to me.

Please continue to pray for Rukshan he is still under hate attacks by his ex girlfriend. The hate page in FB still going on we v reported it, but still they v not removed it. It has been very hurtful experience for the family.

Please pray for Sayuri that God will calm the storms in her life, fight for her and bless her education, health and love.

This month, Please pray that God will bless me with finances and meet all my needs and help me to pay my debts.

Please pray that God will remember me. i too want to be loved, to be a wife, to be mother to few babies. im 34 now. satan is stealing d most beautiful years of my life from me.

Please pray that God will take over my job and my students and give me talents to be a best teacher for English and Elocution and win the love of my students.

Please pray for Nirosh, Asfar, pradeepan, farshad, prasanth for twicefold anointing of Holy Spirit and blessings.

Thank you God bless u!!
Love from
Sanju sanjupahalagamage@gmail.com

December 8, 2016
Please pray for M. Mary R. and all her dear family members and all her intentions for God's Will. And for all dear ones.

God Bless.

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