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Most of the tips listed here were sent to Chick Publications......Christian Cartoon Tracts,
by people who use their tracts. Some of these tracts are mentioned by name.
I will add more Tips to this page as I receive them.

A soul winner never gets used to the sound of the marching feet of
those on their way to a lost eternity!

Include a link to an online gospel tract as part of your email signature.

An email signature is a piece of customizable HTML or text that most email
applications will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails. For example, it
commonly contains name and contact details - but it could also (of course)
contain a link to a gospel tract.

I recently found a gospel cartoon, Free Cartoon Tract

You can add the hyper link Above, to your other links.
Or maybe just say, " P.S. You might Like this Gospel Cartoon.

We get large, heavy duty helium balloons and attach tracts to the string
and launch them on a calm day. We pray God guides them to just the right
person(s) at just the right time. Our kids get a kick out of watching the
balloons and their precious cargo get smaller and smaller during their ascent.
Eternity will tell how the Lord used His word, "which will not come back empty."

J.J. Wisconsin

I was visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, and they had special counseling
phones for people considering the suicidal jump. The crisis counseling
sign said, there is hope, so I made sure to put a Gospel tract there to
give them some real hope. They had a few more of the phones on the
bridge as well, so I made sure to get as many as I could.

Is there a bridge in your area where you could do the same?

Hand out Gospel Tracts at a Truck Stop with Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Tooth
Paste, Comb, Wash Cloth, Bible, and a Drink of Water most of this in a plastic
bag and a Tape that has Preaching on it or Gospel Singing on it pass it to
the Truck Drivers in the parking lot.

We also talk to the Truck Drivers and we have the church youth with us.


I purchased a Chick tract wallet that Chick tract was selling as promotional
items. I had it sticking out of my back pocket, when someone stopped me to
let me know, that it is not safe to let your wallet stick out like that for
it would be easy for a pick pocket to steal. What a surprise it will be to
the one who steals it. Now I have it sticking out of my back pocket just to
invite some one to steal and they may read the Chick tracts and get saved.

R. W., New Jersey

Being a former Marine and in the Army I like leaving the Chick Tract called
( Holy Joe ) in the recruiting stations for young men and women. This one tract,
that was given to me back in the 60's kept me strong when the war was going on.
This is the best tract for our service men and women to read.

R. W., New Jersey

I would like to suggest having a stamp made at staples or your local stationary
store with the words "Read the Bible". You could stamp your mail. You could
stamp your money (which belongs to God, not the government). Go to service areas
and pass out the stamped money. People won't through out money and the money
will travel all over. Also please pass out tracts at all the Universities you
can in your area because colleges students are drinking alcohol excessively.
Please write to all the churches you can and tell them to tell the members to
pass out tracts to the students in the universities.

Helena G.

Police Beats - in the paper every day they put the police reports. It
tells you the persons name , address and reason for being picked up.
That is the best because you can send them the perfect tracts for their
troubles. I also take out certain books at the library and when i
return them I put a tract in it. example, Catholic books, psychic books,
evolution books. Every time you go back you can check then if it has
been taken put in more. I give them out every year at christmas to my
family and friends who are not saved in their christmas card and on
birthdays. I leave them in shopping carts.

Renee R.

Here are just a few more ways and ideas of getting out those Gospel
(remember the GO in GOspel) tracts. In the cracks of wooden telephone
poles at eye level. Insert them into the Yellow Pages under Church and Pizza
(I did this in my last job, that saw me staying in many motels). Of course
always leave one in the phone booth and public wash room. Place them under
the vehicles windshield wipers on a dry non windy day(The Lord will take care
of the weather). Place them in magazines at the Doctors office and barber.
And lastly, just give that precious soul a tract personally with a smile.
May the Lord richly bless all of you who faithfully hand out GOspel tracts
for HIS glory. ISAIAH 55:11 KJV.

Pastor Jim
Kelowna, BC, Canada

I teach piano lessons, so I have a Basket of tracts as well as all the
Crusader comic books on a table available for the children to read while
they are waiting. I suggest they take one or two home with them, which
they always do, and then I replace them. When other children come to our
home, they immediately go to the tracts and begin reading them, some
again and again.
P.V. Wichita KS

As a former Catholic I take Last Rites, Why is Mary Crying and Are
Roman Catholics Christians
to the Catholic church 1/2 before mass.
I distribute them in the pews, next to the holy water and even on the
pulpit. Then I sit close to the back, and pray these dear people would
receive them and receive what they read. I also drop one in the
offering basket. Some times I walk out and put them on the cars parked
B.T. Gaylord MN

I leave tracts under the handles of gas pumps when I get gas.
I also leave them at ATM machines.
S.B., Maryland

Chain Letters with addresses - send a tract to each name listed.

My daughter and I ( she is 4 ) put tracts in open car windows,
convertibles and even sun roofs. I also mail tracts to hypnotists,
phsycics and just recently I sent "Hi There!" to a satanic art
production company.
C. S., Internet

I take Chick Tracts to the Juvenile Detention Homes locally and give
them out to the kids. They collect them like sports cards. I go into
the teen chat rooms on the Internet and send them via IMs
( Instant Messenger ) to kids I witness to on line.

I get lots of E-mail that has been forwarded ( sometimes repeatedly )
which brings with it the E-mail addresses of each prior recipient. I
like to send an E-mail Tract to every new E-mail address on the list.
This is a way of reaching people with God's Word that may have no
other contact.
K. S., Internet

I work in an office building with approximately 500 people and
many visitors. In the lobby is a computerized directory of the
building occupants. I drop a tract each time I pass the table on
my way to or from the elevator.
T. K., Georgia

Truck stop plazas have free magazines and coupons for truckers.
R. G., Pennsylvania

We like to take our church youth group out to stores and see who
can come up with the most unique place to put tracts. Our all time
favorite is to put them in the outstretched hand of manikins.
L. K., Internet

I am 90 years old. My two friends and I passed out 110,000 tracts
in 1997. I go to parking lots and put This Was Your Life rolled up,
with the title facing out, into the driver's side door handle (very important).
That way when the person puts the key in the slot and opens the car
door, they see the tract. I have watched and not one person has thrown
the tract down. Most of them get in the car and read it on the spot. Some
drive away with it in the car. Which means they take it home to their families.
H.G.M., Nevada

Our chruch recently had the opportunity to rent a booth at the local
country fair. We distributed about 15,000 tracts in five evenings, and
3 people got saved. We also passed out tracts and comic books to
most of the fair employees. The atmosphere around a traveling fair is
lonely, full of hucksterism and emptiness. These folks were perhaps
the most glad of all to receive tracts and comics; they would freely ask
for more or for materials for their friends. They read voraciously!
We plan to attend the fair every year. It was also a great chruch
experience, sharing the unity of Jesus Christ, as we labored together
for our Saviour.
P. & M. K.

NOTE : Country fairs are not the only kind of community expos that
have booths. Chruches should be alert to any similar opportunity to
rent a booth or put up a book table at a public gatherings.

I wanted to pass on this little discovery from our recent vacations,
We stayed at the (Mormon owned) Marriott. We happened to stay
in two different rooms during that week and found there was a book
of Mormon in both rooms, One of the rooms did have a Gideon Bible
in it. If any of your subscribers travel on business and stay in Marriott
hotels, they may want to pack a copy of The Visitors in their suitcase
to leave in the Book of Mormon. It seems likely that when Mormons
are traveling they would stay at the Marrriott whenever possible.
J.P., New Jersy

If every Christian put a tract in all bills, when they pay the bill,
the message of Jesus would be in almost every business in America.
D. L., Pennsylvania

At the conclusion of business at a bank, store, gas station, etc....
I place a tract face down on the counter and tell the person that
my two most important TV shows are...and I give the date, time and
channel. There is also space to list two of the local christian radio
stations. I believe that some of these people will be curious enough
to check out my recommendations. Everyone takes the tract and
some even thank me.
R. S.,California

One of the many ways we pass out tracts is put a tract in advertisement
mail that come with a reply envelope.
We always use ---> OUR STAMPS <--- ( VERY IMPORTANT ) and
then mail it back to the company. You never know who will get the tract.
T. O., Oregon

NOTE: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to
companies in their return postage paid envelopes that you affix a
stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive the
tract it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That 's
the wrong results.

When there is snow you can put a snowball on a sidewalk with a tract
sticking out of it. The tracts shouldn't get too wet because people
will see them right away and grab them! I have seen this work.
S. J., Wisconsin

NOTE : You can put them in snack size bag to keep them dry.

A soul winner who lives in Las Vegas likes to leave the tract How
to get Rich at ATM machines.
C., Nevada

A family at my church host a dozen Japanese foreign exchange
students every year as a ministry and finds homes for them among
church members. They use four (chick tracts) titles we have in
Japanese to witness to them and each time several kids get saved
directly as a results of God using the Chick tracts.
K. P., California

I find that people really want to read the the tracts when something
going on around the world is currently relating to the tract. For
example, when Princess Diana passed away I put out The Royal Affair.
Now that the movie Titanic has come out the tract Titanic is sure to
have someone just a little bit more interested in taking a tract.
W. H.

Our family hands tracts to the people at the windows of fast food
places and my children get real excited when they get to pass out
tracts in al the stores we go in.
T. M., Ohio

I ask the clerk if he ever has a bad day. If using the right expression
I always get a postive (answer). Then I give the tract The Mind Machine
saying. He understands.
W. L., Missouri

When I was (stationed) on a ship, before and after pulling out of a
port in foreign countries. I would put some chick tracts of that
country in a clear plastic and glass bottles and throw them over the
side. Evenually they will wash ashore. When running I place chick
tracts in clear plastic bags and drop them around public schools.
K. L., Virginia

Some of the locations that I leave tracts are: Newspaper racks, the
post office, the night deposit at the bank, pay phones, ATM machines,
with magazines in a waiting rooms, in hotel / motel room drawers, in
the Gideon Bible and in the Mormon bible ( saw one for the first time
last week in a hotel in Washington, DC while traveling on business ).
South Carolina

I've often seen pshchic commercials on TV, addresses of psychics
and New Age addresses in newspapers. Whenever I see these
addresses, I send them tracts such as: The Trap, The Tycoon, and
The Traitor.

I carry Chick tracts in my backpack and give them to my friends at
school. I don't mention the word "tract," instead I just tell them I want
them to read "this little book." A good tip is to never ask them if they
want one. Tell them you want them to have it. The secret to the whole
thing is to first pray for God to use the tracts and secondly one needs
to be ready with answers to their questions. D. P., California

I have a Flea Market business and give out free pens. Tracks are
inserted in the clip so that they have to take the pen with the tract.
I have had no one turn them down. T. H., Georgia

Throughout the day several of my co-workers come into my office to
use the copy machine. After using it and before putting the top down,
I put a Chick tract on the glass where the original is placed. Then the
next person who makes copies, lifts the top and to their surprise, finds
a presentation of the gospel. S. J.

When traveling on the subway leave a tract on the seat for a bored
commuter to pick up and read, quite a few do. T. P., London

I am a taxi driver in north Texas. When I give change to someone
leaving my cab, I give them a tract also. If I am given the exact fare
they receive a tract anyway. J.C. Texas

NOTE - You can also give a cab driver a tract when you give him
or her their fare.

I sell items at an auction site on the internet. When I ship the items
I sell, I place a tract inside the package. You never know who will receive
the tract and how God will water the seed that is planted. D.V.D. Internet

It was a Christian tract that, lovingly handed to me by a kind elderly
lady in a hospital waiting lounge that started me on my own walk of
faith. I was a Catholic at the time. Since then God has blessed me with
a ministry in tract evangelism. Also, in the personal ads in the weekend
newspapers there are always ads by persons seeking correspondence
with others. What an opportunity to witness. I always lovingly give my
personal testimony along with an appropriate tract. R.F. Canada

Gospel tracts can be handed or placed almost anywhere there are
people and they will continue to witness long after you are gone. I
have used every kind of tract over 30 years. The most consistently
read tracts are by far Chick tracts. Christ has put them in our hands
for a reason. Outreach bulletin from Cornerstone Baptist Church

An event that is a tribute to Charles Dickens is held the first weekend
of December in our area. We dress up in "Victorian Era" clothing and
hand out a copy of Humbug and a sheet with quotes from Charles
Dickens such as, "The New Testament is the very best book that
ever was or ever will be known in the world." Also during the Christmas
season we hand out an explanation of where the candy cane came from
along with The Greatest Story Ever Told at shopping centers. D. M., Texas

On vacation we placed Room 310 under the door of room 310 in our
hotel, Happy Hour near the bar on a ferry, and Hi There and Back
From The Dead in public telephones. On a previous vacation we have
placed How To Get Rich in a slot machines, and Are Roman Catholics
Christians on car windshields of cars displaying a rosary. We also have
placed The Sissy on the windshield or the door handle of the "big rigs"
and we place Trust Me and That Crazy Guy in places where teenagers
hang out. V. I., California

This is my "hobby" and I use the big telephone book. My goal is to mail
a tract to each address. The city area is a bit over 300,000. I write my
church's address on the back of each tract. I love Chick tracts!
P. H., Kansas

Our church walks the town of Butler, PA. one saturday a month
passing out tracts and talking with people. My two daughters and I
participants in this. We put one in every open car window we see,
we visit every public restroom we can and leave them in the stalls,
pass them out to people in the library ( who are already reading
anyway ), give one to everyone in the laundromat, put Big Daddy in
evolution books at the library. We carry Chick tracts with us
everywhere and give them to everyone who will take them. Tape one
to your electric or gas meter for the meterreader. K. K., Pennsylvania

When we go out to a restaurant, whether we are at home or on
vacation, we leave the waitress or waiter a 20% tip, along with a
note of thanks clipped to the cover of a paperback copy of the
King James Bible, ( old and new testament ) from the American
Bible Society, in the Bible in different locations we place a
Chick tract, God's Simple Plan Of Salvation tract from Lifegate
Tracts Inc., and an Our Daily Bread booklet from Radio Bible Class.
I have had many waitresses come running after me to thank me for
the Bible. J. and C. C., Maine

Chick tracts truely do get read. I left one in the ladies room in a
Wal Mart and when I came out someone had picked it up and was
showing it to another person. Also, I have some in my car's glove
compartment and if I see a car or a van with a shriner's or masonic
symbol on it I put The Curse Of Baphomet under the windshield wiper.
C. D.

I put Chick tracts in different country entries in encyclopedias in the
library. For example, I would put a Spanish tract in the entry for Spain
and a Russian tract in the entry for Russia. N. C., California

A friend and I decided to have a rummage sale. As I was going through
some things I wanted to sell I came up with a great idea. I got out my
Chick tracts and during the sale as each person left we gave them a
tract. Each person took one and sometimes they would even stop to
read them before they left. S. Y., Indiana

I go to hotels early in the morning to reach people from other states
passing through. HIS Outreach, Minnesota

This is from a cowardly tract passer. Although my Sunday School
Kids love them. I was very unsure how our neigborhood would repond.
I placed 100, The Present, beside my Halloween candy and just before
the first child arrived I decided, "No, better not," when a burst of faith
entered my heart, not to fear the consequences. The first little kids
who rang the doorbell, said "Books! Cool!" The kids loved them. One
little guy looked up to me and said "The candy goes in here, as he
dropped it into his container, but this stays in my hand! He walked
away reading. We only found one that had been discarded. When
some kids asked me what they were about. I simply said, "Jesus,"
and they gladly took them. It was a thrill.
C.H., Wisconsin

I just wanted to share a praise with you. Since we were having a fall
carnival at our church and I wouldn't be home to pass out candy and
tracts I decided to take some of the ideas from your Halloween pamphlet.
I made a banner that said, "Take One" and then I had three different
brown paper bags labeled: "Boys" with Charlie's Ants in it, "Girls" with
Best Friends in it, and "Older Kids and Teens" with Happy Hallween
in it. I put a tract and a flat piece of candy in an envelope and put them
outside the door. When we returned home late that night. I found that
all but four had been taken out of the almost 100 that I had put out! It
was so easy! A.M., Hawaii

On Halloween night my seven year old granddaughter dressed as an
angel and went door to door "treat for tract." She passed out to each
house a Chick tract. People were surprised and as they were closing
their doors we could see them looking at the tract. We also gave Chick
tracts out to the kids that came to our house for treats.
D.W., Texas

On Halloween, we passed out Chick Tract Comic Books! to everyone. One teen
boy said, "Oh, a comic book! I'll read this tonight, Thanks!" Then he told
his friends he just got a comic book. He was so excited.
N.D., Indiana

On Halloween I set up a display pouch on my screen door which said,
"Jesus Loves You. Please take one." It was made from florescent orange
board. I made sure the pouch stayed full with about seventy Chick tracts
of different kinds. We heard children at the front door fighting over which
ones they wanted. One hundred and ten tracts were willingly taken without
even having to hand them out.
D.L.C., New Jersey

One school bus driver discovered a great way to use Halloween to
spread the gospel. She passed out bags of candy to the students
on her bus that contained Chick tracts. After she passed out the bags
she recalled, "on the bus route I noticed that they were reading them.
A couple times I had discussions with the teenagers about the tracts.
This gave me the opportunity to share Bible scriptures, stories and to
witness." She also passed out tracts with candy to the children that
came to her home trick-or-treating. Other ideas include:
*A church can set up a table outside on the sidewalk with treats
and tracts for neigborhood kids.
*Watch for community activities where you can take tracts and
reach large crowds quickly.
*Churches or individuals can provide Chick tracts to other believers
to handout Halloween night to trick or treaters.

A trick or treater (about 12 years old) got candy and the tract I dropped
into his bag. He came back later and asked if we had any more tracts,
his Dad wanted to read them.

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adding to this page just click on the butterfly.

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